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About DevSlide

DevSlide creates smart, intuitive software to empower individuals, businesses and developers to maximize their productivity and automate daily tasks.

DevSlide is a privately held software development company and a division of MediaWorks 7, LLC. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, DevSlide has development and project management centers in both the United States and Europe.

As a customer-focused company, DevSlide’s software architects recognize the immense value of user feedback and continually analyze the user experience to meet the demands of today’s diverse user groups.

With this sound understanding and superior expertise in a variety of popular platforms, DevSlide is a dynamic, leading provider of simply intuitive software applications.

DevSlide Divisions

  • Web Software

    (Founded in 2004)

    DevSlide’s Web software division focuses on the development of Rich Internet Applications, with intuitive user interfaces for engaging interactivity.

  • Desktop Software

    (Founded in 2006)

    Serving both the personal and professional desktop user, the DevSlide desktop division provides advanced applications to automate daily tasks and increase productivity.

  • Mobile Software

    (Founded in 2009)

    With a focus on creating intuitive, user friendly applications to increase mobile convenience, DevSlide’s mobile software division supports multiple mobile platforms and devices for a diverse user base.

  • Developer Tools

    (Founded in 2009)

    This division of DevSlide focuses on creating high quality development tools for expert software developers to deploy higher quality and professional looking applications.