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Welcome to DevSlide Labs!

Have you ever been called an idea guy? Then you’re in the right place.

We thrive on the energy of a new idea and love sharing the enthusiasm. This is what our labs area is for – just sharing ideas. Some small, some big. Some take off and become new products, and some, well, never really get going. But either way, it’s still fun!

Ideas and projects come from our users’ requests, our developers’ wish-lists, and sometimes just out of thin air. You might find some free apps, useful tools or interesting projects to work on with us. Collaboration is key, so let’s get cookin’. :)

Projects In The Lab

Have a good idea?

While we've been making apps, scripts and programs for a long time, our labs area is new. So, help us grow it! - It's easy. If you have an idea, need a tool or whatever, just tell us about it, and it might end up in the labs area. :)

Our labs area is for sharing and developing new ideas, which may or may not end up as products. If you have a proprietary project and are looking for a development team, checkout MW7!

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