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DBX to CSV Extractor

DBX to CSV Extractor

Version: 1.1.7441

What It’s For

DBX to CSV Extractor is a tool developed for MS Windows which lets you extract email addresses from Outlook Express (OE) DBX files. The extractor tool allows you to select multiple DBX files and avoids duplication of email addresses in the resulting CSV or TXT file.

Key Features

  • Extract email addresses from Outlook Express DBX files.
  • Tool will crawl all text associated with the email and extract email addresses from any location.
  • Extract emails from all fields (To, From, CC, Body, Return Path, etc.).
  • Removes duplicate email addresses from results file.
  • Export mails to CSV or TXT file. Easily manage mails in XLS or other spreadsheet tool.
  • Free and clean of the junk from the other apps you probably tested.


A Little History

The request for this email extractor tool came from the marketing department at MediaWorks 7. In the past, many team members used MS Outlook Express to communicate with clients. When the time came to upgrade to a new centralized CRM tool, the marketing guys required all emails to be exported so that leads and clients could be separated and compared to existing email and client lists. The email addresses needed to be easily exported from Outlook Express DBX files into a CSV, TXT or XSL file to be imported into the new system.

A quick search revealed many apps that will extract emails from DBX files, but there were problems — none were free (or reasonably priced for what the app should do) and none would extract emails from the message body. So, we created the DBX to CSV extractor tool and moved it to the DevSlide Labs. We have found that sharing the tool has lead to many new ideas to improve the extractor tool and found that many companies and individual were actually looking for the same functionality as we needed. So, if you’ve read this far, you are probably one of them. We hope it is useful for you, and ask that you please help us make it better!

Shot-Down Names ~Sorta’ — (suggest a better name)

  • DBX to CSV Extractor (current choice)
  • OE Email Crawler
  • DBX Extractor
  • DBX Email Extractor
  • Need My Damn Emails from OE
  • Outlook Express Email Extractor
  • DBX Extraction Tool
  • Email Extraction Tool
  • AddressMeUp (suggested by slarty80)

Future Ideas & Features

Since implementing the DBX Extractor for MW7 and sharing it here in DS Labs, we have received numerous excellent requests from both users and staff. We have listed a few below. If you would like to suggest a feature, just talk to us!

  • Allow multiple DBX files to be selected for extraction (complete – present in current version)
  • Prevent duplication of email addresses for DBX files (complete – present in current version)
  • Extract emails from Outlook PST files
  • Export emails to txt file, not just CSV file (complete – present in current version)
  • Extract emails from Thunderbird
  • Extract emails from Windows Live Mail
  • Extract emails from The Bat! email file

Technologies Used

  • C# / .NET Framework 2
  • Coffee, and lots of it

System Requirements

Operating System: MS Windows XP / Vista / 7
.NET Version: 2 or higher (If .NET framework is not available, setup wizard will prompt for installation.)
RAM: 512+ Mbytes


  1. Thanks for sharing this application. I searched for OE extractor tools, and could not find one that would dig into the actually body of the email. I have email addresses in the body of the email that I need to extract. I figured it would be a simple character string search script that could find the “@” symbol and figure out how to grab the mail address. I tried it, but I’m glad I found your tool before I got too far. Thanks again. (suggestion: you should add “return path” because I learned this can be complicated to search and the other tools out there do not do it.)

    Comment by Abbascon

  2. Great tool. I should not have been using Outlooks Express as long as I did. So I thank you guys for making my transition much easier.

    Comment by Elliot

  3. Excellent tool!!!!!! I was so frustrated with the bad applications I found on a general Google search. I know they have their purpose, but none of them gave me the field options. Thank you!

    Comment by marble-rye

  4. please add ability to extract emails from Outlook PST files. I know many apps do this, but I like how the current version (for DBX files) eliminates all duplicated emails during the extraction process.

    Comment by s.bewitser

  5. Why not save the previous location the user selected? This would help to make it easier to keep using the application and navigating to the same location I selected my DBX files from. Other than this, everything seems to work great (Windows 7 Home Premium).

    Comment by Duke588

  6. Why does OE store textual data so poorly? I guess you asked the same question. Thanks for your application. It has worked perfectly for me. I have tested it with very complicated DBX files and folders….and each time, all email addresses were extracted from all the fields that I selected. This is a well designed app!

    Comment by Ty Jens

  7. will this app get emails from the cc and bbc fields from the thread of an old mail that appears in the body? i need to extract email addresses from OE mails that i mailed myself in the past. (and thanks for sharing this tool, so far it is great). thanks in advance for your help.

    Comment by tonjee

  8. Thank you with this one man. Just spent half a day figuring this out.

    Comment by Coach Man

  9. great post, thanks for sharing

    Comment by Daniel

  10. Thank you so much for this great app, too bad it doesn’t show up easily under Google searches, it took me days to find a decent application to do this, the GUI also looks really neat, great job!

    Comment by Paul

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