SlideUI Mobile Controls - The Finger Friendly .NET UI Framework for Creating Professional Looking Mobile Applications

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We welcome you to try DevSlide’s SlideUI Mobile Controls. With SlideUI Mobile Contorls you can more easily develop professional looking Windows Mobile applications.

This package contains multiple demonstration projects which illustrate the advantages of using SlideUI Mobile Controls.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions about the SlideUI Mobile Controls’ Demo. For technical support, please visit our support center.

Screenshots of the Example Projects in the Demo Download

  • SlideUI Kinetic Vertical Scrolling List
  • .NET CF Sliding Pages Demo 3
  • SlideUI Circular Progress Indicator
  • .NET CF Sliding Pages Demo 2
  • .NET CF Sliding Pages Demo 1
  • .NET CF Transparent Controls
  • .NET CF Transparent Label
  • Gradient and Rounded Buttons
  • SlideUI .NET CF MessageBox Demo
  • .NET CF Sliding Kinetic Panel
  • Sliding Panel
  • .NET CF Rounded TextBoxes
  • .NET CF Checkboxes
  • .NET CF Labels
  • .NET CF Message Box Popup
  • .NET CF Paint Box

Sample Apps Created with SlideUI

Since most SlideUI users specialize in commercial development on the Windows Mobile platform, their applications cannot be shared due to privacy terms. However, when granted permission, we do like to share links to sample apps created by 3rd party developers. Below are a few recent 3rd party Windows Mobile apps created with SlideUI Mobile Controls.

Applications created by Cris Rowlands at 1800PocketPC after his review of SlideUI Mobile Controls. Links contain videos and detailed reviews of SlideUI at the 1800PocketPC blog.

Create Animations for Windows Mobile Using M8R
A Note Taking App for Windows Mobile with a WP7 Look


Application created by Angelo Allievi at MyPocketSoftware.

Periodic Table App for Windows Mobile