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SlideUI Version 1.7.0 Release Notes

Below is a list of new features, improvements and fixed issues in SlideUI version 1.7:


  • New properties for text alignment added (TextVerticalAlignment, TextHorizontalAlignment, TextPadding).
  • Automatic word wrapping added.

UIList / UIListItem

  • Fixed issue with changing color scheme and applying custom color scheme colors in design-time.


  • Fixed issue when developer inserts UIImageButton inside of UICanvas which is already inserted into UIPages control, previously this generated run-time NullReferenceException.


  • Fixed issue when developer inserts UIPictureBox inside of UIPanel and UIPanel is inserted inside of UICanvas (in this case UIPictureBox did not allow to slide content of UICanvas).
  • Fixed issue when in design-time user inserts a label with “Transparent” property set to TRUE, in this case the label was not allowing transparent background.


  • UICanvas issue with scrolling on QVGA screen resolution fixed.
  • New property ‘ScrollBarAlwaysVisible’ added. This property allows to have the scroll bar always visible on the UICanvas (instead of only when user slides content).


  • New property ‘ScrollBarAlwaysVisible’ added. This property is similar to the property added to UICanvas. It allows to have the scrollbar always visible (instead of only when user slides content of UIList).


  • Issue with displaying progress value in ‘Marquee’ mode fixed.


  • A new WordWrap property added which allows to wrap text inside of UIListItem with item style SingleText.
  • New property ‘IconPosition’ added. This property allows to position icon inside of UIListItem. The property supports the following positions: Left, Right, Top, Bottom.


  • Speed of initialization in run-time optimized for UIPages control.
  • OnSlide event added. It automatically rises and supplies sliding direction in event arguments when user performs finger movement across the UIPages control.


  • Added ability to set opacity and color of the popup’s background.


  • Previously height of UIMessageBox was static and if the message box window contained too much text, it could get truncated. In this release the issue has been fixed.


  • New circular progress indicator control implemented.