HelpDesk Software FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay via PayPal?
To pay via PayPal, please send payment to paypal[at] Once payment is received, you will be sent access to the download area.
Can one swDesk license be used on multiple domains?
An swDesk license may be installed on only one domain. To use swDesk on multiple domains, contact us for multiple license discounts.
Do you offer a free trial version?
Currently, there is not a free trial version available, however this option will be available in the future.
Do you offer hosting services?
swDesk does offer affordable hosting and domain services. Please contact us to receive more information.
Do you offer phone support?
Yes, phone support is offered at no charge. Telephone contact information is located on our contact page.
Do you provide customization services?
Yes, customization services are available for $59.00. Our design staff will customize the swDesk client area’s front-end interface to match the corporate design of your website. To view fully customized swDesk installations on live websites, please contact us with your request.
How much does swDesk cost?
A full license of swDesk cost $99.00. This includes free technical support and six months of product upgrades. There are no additional monthly costs. A full license supports an unlimited amount of tickets, users and technicians. swDesk includes a help desk ticket system, knowledge base, templates response tool, and more.
How soon can I start using swDesk after I purchase it?
You may download swDesk immediately if purchased via credit card. For check payments, access to the download area will be sent once payment is received.
What are the server requirements for swDesk?
swDesk is written in PHP and MySQL and can be installed on both Apache and ISS Server environments. The latest software and server requirements for swDesk is located on our swDesk requirements page.
What is swDesk and how can it help my online business?

swDesk is used to automate your customer support requests and activities. It provides your customers with easy access to support, and it empowers your staff to work efficiently and effectively to provide superior customer service and support.

Your customers submit emails or complete a web form to request support. Customers may also use the category driven knowledge base for self service support.

Your staff uses an easy to use administrative area to respond to customers while using helpful tools such as ticket locking, tasks management, private messaging, template/canned responses and more.

Also, your customer service mangers may assign permissions to your staff to view all departments or only specific departments. Detailed statistical reporting is available to help maintain quality assurance among the support staff.

What is your upgrade policy?
swDesk accepts payment via all major credit cards or checks drawn on a U.S. bank.
What payment methods do you accept?
Each license of swDesk includes six months of product upgrades. Future version and feature upgrades are available for $49.00 annually. This can be purchased at anytime and is not required unless you wish to use the latest version and upgrades.