PHP/MySQL HelpDesk Features & Benefits

When you require more than a help desk and more than a ticket system, swDesk is the solution

Using swDesk’s Online Support System as your support solution makes tracking and managing your customer’s support requests easier and more efficient. swDesk is an advanced application with a wide range of features. To learn more about these great features, view swDesk’s Quick Overview, which lists several of the major tools available in swDesk.

swDesk provides two submission methods to ensure that ticket submission is convenient for your customers:

swDesk HelpDesk Flowchart

Web Based Ticket Submission
Using the client area in swDesk, your customers may easily and quickly submit tickets with or without registering (configurable).

Direct Email Submission
Customers may submit tickets via a regular email. The email will be converted to a ticket, assigned to specific department, given a tracking number, and the customer will receive a confirmation email (configurable). For further convenience, and depending upon your admin settings, the customer may also reply to this ticket via email only, rather than logging into the web-interface.

swDesk ScreenshotsswDesk Live DemoDownload swDesk Features Overview


Once you purchase swDesk, there are no other fees, unless you require updates after the initial six month period. (All bug or security updates are available for download absolutely free.)


swDesk is separated into three areas. For your convenience we have created a Quick Overview, containing a detailed list of swDesk’s features.

Client Area

The web based area where your customers submit and track tickets, browse the Knowledge Base and use the other client features of swDesk.

  • Multiple Language Support (for all 3 areas)
  • Quick User Signup (with or without email confirmation)
  • Ability to track and submit tickets with or without registering (configurable)
  • Unlimited number of tickets and users
  • File attachments allowed
  • View support request history
  • Ability to search and browse articles in the Knowledge Base
  • Post feedbacks and submit ratings for Knowledge Base articles
  • Subscribe to Knowledge Base updates

Technicians Area

Secure area designed for your company’s support technicians. This is where your staff members login and respond to customer requests and utilize other help desk and productivity tools available.

  • Ability to view and respond to customer requests
  • Teamwork tools
  • A powerful Canned Responses tool (predefined response templates) designed to decrease response time and improve accuracy
  • Ability to post private messages to tickets (private messages can be viewed only by staff members)
  • Technicians have ability to lock/unlock, assign and move tickets to other departments
  • swDesk supports both online and offline tickets
  • Ability to add articles to the Knowledge Base and review user feedback
  • Tasks management using the tasks tool (also includes ability to assign task to staff members)
  • Search customers, tickets, and Knowledge Base articles

Administrator Area

For the site administrator to configure the system and assign permissions to staff members. The administration also has the same functionality as the technicians area.

  • Ability to manage technicians, assign various access levels
  • Management of departments (categories) with ability to setup different email accounts (direct email submission) per department
  • Edit system settings and preferences
  • Edit email templates using a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) visual editor
  • Setup banned email addresses (banning an email address will remove its ability to submit email submissions)
  • Generate detailed performance statistic reports for all staff members