swDesk PHP/MySQL HelpDesk Administrative Options

Administrative Tools

Categories (Departments) Management

This tool allows the administrator to create an unlimited number of categories (departments). Options include personal email settings and permission settings. Permissions allow the administrator to control a technician access to the categories, so that they will be able to access only selected categories.

Technicians Management

The administrator may create an unlimited number of technicians and configure their access levels to all swDesk modules, as well as grant or deny access to individual categories. The administrator may create account expiration dates for technicians and also has the ability to block / suspend any technician.

Ban Email Addresses

swDesk allows the administrator to ban a user’s email address so that the user will not be able to submit new tickets. This is useful to prevent robot submissions, spam, etc.


swDesk can automatically escalate tickets to assigned staff members after a ticket has gone unanswered for a predetermined amount of time. This feature reduces the chance of tickets being overlooked or ignored. The administrator has the ability to configure this tool by setting the number of days since a ticket has been opened or since a technician has replied to it.

swDesk also has the ability to close open tickets that are waiting on customer’s response for a XX days (configurable parameter). This is useful if the user has not replied because they found the solution manually or just did not close the ticket.