Open Source PHP/MySQL Knowledge Base, Searchable FAQs Script

Knowledge Base

This powerful swDesk component provides a self-service option for your customers to acquire immediate service. Customers may browse articles by department or search via keywords. This informational database can store support articles and answers to frequently asked questions. It is easy for your staff to manage and simple for your customers to use.

Multi-Level Categorization

Technicians and administrators may create an unlimited number of categories and sub categories, creating a nested category structure for better organization of articles. Also, swDesk provides the ability to create an unlimited number of links between related categories and articles. There are no limitations on an article’s length, and they may contain text or HTML code.

Users Feedback and Ratings

Customers may leave feedback and submit ratings on articles to inform you how useful the article is in resolving their issue. Staff members or administrators may review these comments and ratings in the staff area.