swDesk HelpDesk Software Requirement

Software Requirements

swDesk is written in PHP and MySQL. PHP is a highly efficient and widely used web scripting programming language, while MySQL is a powerful, secure database platform. These two components ensure swDesk is a secure and stable application and also allow it to work efficiently in all environments that support these two popular technologies without any dependencies on the operating system or web server. A list of versions and recommended software is available below:

Scripts Processor

PHP version 4.3 or higher
For more information about PHP, please visit www.php.net.

Database Server

MySQL version 4.0 or higher
For more information about MySQL database, please visit www.mysql.com.

Web Server

Apache Web Server or Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

Operating System

Linux, FreeBSD or Microsoft Windows.

Additional System Services

Depending on your configuration of swDesk, your server may also require a system scheduler to be installed on your server such as the CRON service for Unix operating systems or scheduled tasks for Windows operation systems.