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Customer Testimonials

Our team strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by providing fast and accurate technical support along with quality customer care. The entire swDesk team will work closely with you to ensure that your company maximizes the benefits from our CRM and Help Desk Software. Feel free to contact us today with any questions or comments.

  • “Our company started with only two employees responding to customer requests via email. As we grew, it became impossible to provide quality customer care with this method. swDesk organizes our requests and responses into a database back end and allows both our support team and clients to access the system via email if they prefer. This solution continues to grow with us, and we highly recommend swDesk to growing online companies.”
    Brent McKenna — President, CEO
    Centorex Networks, Inc.
  • “I’ve been a customer for a little over a year, and the support that I receive from swDesk is terrific. The product works perfectly out of the box. I chose to make a few modifications to have it suite my site, and the developers have provided top notch customer support and expert help whenever needed. Truly among the best customer support I have ever received. I highly recommend swDesk.”
    Clifford Reeves — Owner
    BloodBankTalk (www.bloodbanktalk.com)
  • “Operating several online ecommerce stores, as well as, our own product distribution center certainly leads to numerous customer service requests, both pre-purchase and post-purchase. By creating separate departments within swDesk, we are able to sort our requests by priority and categories. This helps us tremendously, especially during the holiday season!”
    Kathryn Folkerson — Director of Customer Relations
    Chapman Distributors