Screen Capture FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Zapture software requirements?
Zapture can be installed and used on any PC which works under Microsoft Windows 98, XP, Vista or 7. Zapture requires .NET framework 2 to be installed on your PC. Most current versions of MS Windows will already have this version of .NET framework pre-installed but if for some reason it’s not available, Zapture setup application will download and install it for you.
How do I launch Zapture tools?

There are several ways to access Zapture tools:

1.) You may access main menu by clicking Zapture’s tray icon on the task bar (near system clock) and then launch a tool by clicking an appropriate menu item.

2.) You may also use Zapture Quick Access Bar as an alternative way to launch tools. To access the bar press “Win + Space” buttons on your keyboard.

Each major Zapture’s tool can be launched via keyboard. Below is a list of available shortcuts:

Zapture Tool Keyboard Shortcut
Create Screen Clipping Win + C
Capture Window Win + Ctrl + C
Magnify Area Win + Shift + C
Pick Color Win + X
Ruler Tool Win + Z
Size Tool Win + Shift + Z
Ipsum Text Generator Win + G
Can I run Zapture on Mac?
No, currently Zapture is available only for PC users who have MS Windows operating system installed on.
How do I turn off confirmation message when screenshot has been done?
You can turn off/on or select a different display style of the confirmation message by clicking Zapture tray icon > Options… and then clicking the Display message when clipping is complete checkbox.
Can limit of items in screen clipping history be increased?
Yes, sure. You can set limit of items in screen clipping history in Zapture settings. To access settings you should click Zapture tray icon > Options…, then select History category.
Can I make a screen clipping of rulers tool?
You are able to combine Zapture tools. For example, you can launch the Magnifer Tool to zoom in on a portion of your screen, then launch the Ruler Tool to measure the selection. Then you can make a screen clipping of the magnified area / rulers and paste the screen clipping into your document or email.