Screen Capture Software Customer Feedback

Customer Testimonials

Who’s Zapture for?

Zapture is for any PC user! From copying and pasting a screenshot into an instant message, to editing a screen capture and using it in your PowerPoint presentation or MS Word document, Zapture is a convenient and efficient tool for improving and enhancing digital communication.

See what our customers say about Zapture:

  • “I’ve been so pleased ever since I purchased Zapture. The fast capture, copy, and paste features have made it much easier to communicate my design ideas with my clients. Time saving is essential in this business and Zapture really does just that.”
    Zach Williams, Web Designer
  • “Zapture has been a big help in my daily tasks. When developing software, you work with a lot of people and it’s necessary to share and compare different projects and put them all together. I can capture, crop, and paste several areas of code right next to the interface view into one document and send them off to coworkers to review. It’s a good tool to help in development and debugging stages.”
    Joshua Belzer, Software Developer
  • “The main portion of my job deals with testing software to make sure everything is correct. Zapture makes it easy for me to capture software bugs I find immediately and save them in my clippings history so that I can go back and fix any errors at once. Zapture has also allowed me to instantly grab, copy, and paste anything in my software and send it to another tester to review. Great product!”
    Jim Deagon, Certified Software Tester
  • “Zapture has saved me a ton of time and space! All I have to do is just click, capture, and paste parts of my excel documents into one file so I can view all of my information at once. I can also compare values by resizing my captures and placing them next to each other. Zapture makes my job a lot more hassle-free, especially during tax season!”
    Charlotte Perkins, CPA
  • “I am an English professor and ever since I’ve purchased Zapture, I haven’t closed the program once! Whenever I have my class do grammar homework, I have my students email me their work. I then use Zapture to copy and paste parts of each student’s homework into one Word document allowing me to discuss each homework problem, but different variations, with the whole class.”
    Cynthia Bassett, English Teacher
  • “The great thing about Zapture is that it allows you to capture and send whatever you want to whoever you want. I’m always having to send examples of UI’s and websites to my coworkers for discussion. With Zapture, it’s quick, easy, and doesn’t slow me down a bit even when I’m running a bunch of programs!”
    Nancy Everett, Web Developer
  • “I depict and translate documents at my job. Most of the documents I receive are PDF files. Zapture lets me capture a selection of the document and paste it into Word so I can leave comments with the translations. It definitely beats having to write and rewrite everything on paper when I can just select, copy, paste, and comment!”
    S. Turner, Documentation Analyst
  • “My job is to ensure that our company’s products are perfect. Zapture helps me examine previews by letting me capturing parts of the screen which I find to need improvement. I paste them into one file where I can add comments to any selection and then I can easily send it off to production!”
    John Patel, QA Specialist
  • “I showed my office Zapture and they loved it! We are always doing legal research, sending memos, and retrieving information off the internet. Zapture makes it quick and easy to send anything we want around the office instead of wasting all the printing paper!”
    Jessica Andrews, Paralegal
  • “I love Zapture because I can easily take a screen capture of photos to create rough drafts for my clients’ photo spreads and albums.”
    Jared Wells, Photographer
  • “I research information on products we design at my firm. I’m constantly on the internet finding news and articles related to our type of product. Zapture allows me to grab information off the net that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise, like text in an image format, and add it to the rest of my information. Zapture makes retrieving information that I would have never had been able to get off the internet possible!”
    Thomas, Internet Researcher
  • “As a real estate agent, I am always browsing through different pages of MLS listings. Zapture allows me to capture select listings that my clients would be interested in and send it as one email or attachment. It is so helpful because my clients can view the listings on one page with all the information instead of me having to try to explain it over phone, email, or by copying and pasting URLs!”
    Jackson Gary, Real Estate Agent