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SlideUI Version 1.5.3 Released by DevSlide Includes Product Enhancements and New Controls

Columbus, Ohio – June 1, 2010 DevSlide, a leading developer of intuitive software applications for web, desktop and mobile platforms, announced today a version update (1.53) for its SlideUI .NET CF Mobile Controls for touch friendly Windows Mobile application development.

This version update includes several new controls as well as enhancements and fixes to existing controls. Below is a list of new features, improvements and issues fixed in SlideUI version 1.5.3:

  • Issue with “CLS Compliant Code” warning for Visual Basic projects has been fixed.
  • UIPaintBox
    • Drawing pen for UIPaintBox modifed to remove reported small visible blank spacing if draws with the UIPaintBox while AntiAlias property is set to true.
    • New property BackgroundImage added to allow custom background image.
    • New method LoadBackgroundImage(…) added to load the background image in run-time.
  • UITextBox
    • Properties added: AcceptsReturn, AcceptsTab, HideSelection, ReadOnly, TextAlign, SelectedText, SelectionLength, SelectionStart, TextLength, MaxLength.
    • Events added: KeyDown, KeyUp, KeyPress, OnTextChanged.
  • UIList
    • Virtual buffering implemented to allow for increased amount of items to be inserted into the list.
    • New method added: AddControlAtTop.
  • UIList
    • Virtual buffering implemented to allow for increased amount of items to be inserted into the list.
    • New method added: AddControlAtTop.
    • UIList Important Notice: Previously UIList.AddControl inserted UIListItems at the top so that if you insert item 1, item 2, item 3 in run-time, they will appear in reverse order in the list. There have been many requests from SlideUI users to change this ordering. So, with SlideUI versions starting from version 1.5.3, the AddControl method will insert list items at the bottom. Note that if you still need it to utilize the previous ordering method (as in earlier versions), you can use AddControlAtTop() method.
  • UICanvas
    • Issue with ‘Both’ direction has been fixed.
    • Issue with scrolling speed has been fixed.
    • New methods added: ClearControls, RemoveControl, RemoveControlAt.
  • UIImageButton
    • Added ability to display and position text on the image button.
  • UIPictureBox
    • New Control added.
  • UILabel
    • Added support for transparent labels. (Labels should be placed on UIPictureBox control).

About SlideUI Mobile Controls
SlideUI Mobile Controls is a finger friendly .NET UI framework for creating professional looking Windows Mobile applications. All controls are designed to work easily without a stylus. SlideUI Mobile Controls supports both .NET Compact Framework version 2.0 and 3.5.

About DevSlide Software Corporation
DevSlide develops intuitive software applications to enhance personal and business productivity. DevSlide's solutions help individuals and business to automate daily tasks, increase efficiency and improve collaboration. Headquartered in Columbus Ohio, DevSlide is a privately held software development company and a subsidiary of MediaWorks 7, LLC. Visit for more information.

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